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Dark Pulsum is a multiplayer game where everyone is in the same screen, visibility in each arena is limited, until  a player attacks. Be it darkness, or snow, or water or grass, you can hide, but you can't run forever. Attacking reveals your position, and for a period of time you are vulnerable  But don't fear, using your reflexes,power ups, level hazards and wits, you will be victorious. Besides  you can visit our beautiful arenas and enjoy playing with your friends.

Competitive Multiplayer

Play matches with up to 4 players (1-4) on a single screen. Discover who can fight in the dark and obliterate it's opponents.

Multiple Game Modes

Play on different game modes: Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Capture The Flag, Tag and Level Control. Have fun conquering the darkness.

Unique Characters

The warriors from Dark Pulsum come from different parts of the Galaxy. Each one of them brings their own skillset to try and prove they are the one to conquer the darkness.

Power Ups and Hazards

Each level has unique hazards to test the players skills, along with some power ups that can help them achieve victory. Help your warrior conquer the visions.

Multiple Controls

You can play using your keyboard or a Controller (Xbox One and PS4 supported).

Practice your Tactics!

Want to try new techniques? Don't worry, our different levels of AI bots can play against you and make sure that your new techniques are almost combat ready!

:What People Are Saying

this game brings joy to my soul, no homo

britney j. parks

:What People Are Saying

!When is it coming out? I want it now

Jane Doe, tron inc.

:What People Are Saying

Can I buy some items for my characters? I want everyone to know how cool my gear is

Donald Doe, Amuzen inc.